D1.5 Meeting minutes 1
D2.1 Use cases and Requirements 1
D2.3 Overall architecture and interconnections 1 (TBC)
D2.5 Innovation Potential of OPERA platform 1
D3.2 ULP hardware integration
D4.5 Report on tested innovative models, methods and algorithm – intermediate release
D4.6 Analyses of the energy efficiency – intermediate release
D5.1 Workload characterisation – Intermediate Report
D5.2 Power-aware Cloud Model and Management – Intermediate Report
D5.3 Cloud software interface – Intermediate Report
D5.4 Resources utilization and allocation – Intermediate Report
D5.5 Energy and performance curves for the different workloads – Intermediate Report
D6.1 FPGA and Low Power server Specifications (TBC)
D6.2 FPGA design implementation (TBC)
D6.3 FPGA Prototype testing (TBC)
D6.4 FPGA integration on Low Power Server
D6.5 FPGA and low power server integration on Small Form factor data Center
D8.1 Communication Strategy
D8.4 Dissemination plan
D8.5 Communication Strategy – report 2
D8.6 Exploitation plan – preliminary report 1
D8.7 Business plan – preliminary report 1
D8.8 Dissemination – report 1


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